About ELI


En-ter-pri-sing: (1) Ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking, and (2) Characterized by great imagination or initiative.


The mission of the Enterprising Leadership Initiative (ELI) is to engage, educate, and empower Duke students to pursue innovative solutions to University, community and global problems. ELI exists to help students act on their passions to address real-world problems and create real results. Initiatives are led by ELI Director and Co-Director of the Hart Leadership Program, Tony Brown. Like all other initiatives of the Hart Leadership Program, ELI places a heavy emphasis on teaching, coaching and supporting undergraduate students. Watch this video about ELI and click here for a full interview with Tony Brown

Undergraduate Course Projects: Classes in social entrepreneurship, moral courage development, and organizational leadership provide students with knowledge, analytical competence, and leadership skills important to exercising enterprising leadership.

ELI Incubator: Faculty and staff work directly with students implementing compelling projects by providing mentorship, coaching, access to additional advisors and financial resources. 

Alumni Engagement: Faculty and staff support alumni throughout their college years and after graduation by hosting alumni gatherings, facilitating alumni participation in class projects, and providing opportunities for ongoing mentorship. 


Telling The Story


    Tony Brown

    "It's great to feel you've made a difference in the development of superstars, but they're going to be superstars anyway. The real satisfaction comes from somebody who comes into the course on the margin. You can see them grow up and blossom."
    Story by Julia Love

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